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Our Happenings
Jazz Brunch

Jazz Brunch

Join us once a month for a special edition of our Sunday Brunch, featuring live music immersed in the enchanting melodies of jazz, swing, and sophisticated bossa nova! We can't wait to welcome you for an afternoon of flavor, a relaxing atmosphere, and exceptional melodies, starting at 12:30.​

Indulge in a buffet menu showcasing a wide array of breakfast classics, both sweet and savory, alongside dishes from our culinary tradition and specially prepared vegetarian options by our Chef.​ A delight for every palate!​

Book now to secure your table for this Sunday Brunch Special Edition!​

Upcoming dates: February 25th | March 17th | April 14th | May 19th | June 16th​



Gin & Glamour

Gin & Glamour

Starting with Milan Fashion Week, step into the world of Diana Garden Bar, where we roll out the red carpet with an exclusive lineup of gin cocktails.

Crafted with top-shelf gins and a sprinkle of magic, our cocktails are a journey through flavor, from the timeless PHD Martinez to the zesty Hayman's Sloe Fizz and the unexpected Bitter Muma. Feeling adventurous? Let our skilled mixologists whip up a custom creation just for you from our premium gin stash.

And don't miss out on the Flowery Oxley—a touch of sophistication that'll leave you wanting more.



Meet The DJ

Resident DJ

Are you ready to groove the night away with cool DJ Sets and crafted cocktails? Step into a night of unparalleled musical enchantment at Diana Garden Bar as we present our new Resident DJ Lila Cont, with recent performances at outstanding Mykonos clubs & resorts.

She showcases an artistic innovative approach, blending atmospheric melodies seamlessly with electronic beats. Drawing inspiration from diverse genres such as Downtempo, Organic House, and Afro House, her music incorporates deep ethnic influences, resulting in a magical and immersive sonic experience that's both relaxed and energized.

Meet us at Diana Garden Bar every week - Tuesday through Saturday - from 6pm to 10pm.

Coming up_In collaboration with Muse Curations:

February - Winter Chant | Winter's music resonates with a serene elegance, echoing the quiet beauty of a snow-covered landscape.

March - Organic House Journey | Organic house music is a genre that seamlessly blends electronic beats with natural, earthy sounds such as bird calls, rustling leaves, or flowing water, providing a rich auditory experience that transports listeners to serene landscapes.

April - Spring Delight Vibes | The music for spring vibes unfolds like a musical canvas painted with the hues of blossoming flowers and the gentle caress of a warm breeze. Delicate melodies dance in the air, mirroring the awakening of nature.


Get in touch with us to book your table - Call us 02.2058 2081 or send us a WhatsApp message at 331.6317707